Pat Ewalt-oil paintings

A crucial decision every artist has to make is what to paint. Most of us are driven to paint what we love and what we deem beautiful. Can a hog in the mud be beautiful? Consider his piercing black eyes and elegant ears. How about a handful of fresh eggs? Painting the farm scene has long been a national tradition so I always try to find a new slant, a different subject.

I have always wanted to live on a farm and now we do. Our small orchard and many flower gardens provide a strong influence in my paintings. Last summer on my way home from a painting workshop in Virginia, I stopped at a Farmer's Market and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene - the beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables, the colorful bouquets of flowers, the tents and awnings, all in a lovely harmony. Here was an endless supply of subjects. I am also drawn to the " whole foods" concept and have enjoyed meeting the people who bring their produce to markets.

Since I just started painting seriously in 2003, I'm still trying to find my "voice" I paint in oil on canvas and usually paint from a photograph. To me, completing a painting is like working a puzzle - everything has to work together and "fit". The whole process of finding the subject, working out the composition, getting the right balance, etc. and then getting it done, is very exciting. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to paint.

I work in my studio, a restored tobacco barn, on our c.1790 farm in Caswell County, North Carolina

Art Background

Workshops :
2004 Nimrod Summer Arts Program, Plein Air Painting with Rosalie Day White - one week

2005 Nimrod Summer Arts Program, Rosalie Day White(of Lynchburg) one week
2005 Willow Wisp Farm Painting Workshop(Asheville) with Armand Cabrera(of Calif) -one week
2006 Nimrod Summer Arts Program - Rosalie Day White - one week
2006 Landscape Painting Workshop in Greensboro - Morgan Samuel Price(of Fla.) -one week

Otherwise, self taught from books, magazines and videos


Danville Art League
Burlington Art League

Exhibits and Awards:

Danville Art League: Purchase Award. American National Juried Show, '05
Burlington Art League Juried Fall Show, Third Place, '05
Danville Fall Juried Show , Museum of Art and History - Judges Select Award,'06
Featured Artist - Burlington Art League Gallery, '05

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My work is currently exhibited and for sale at the Yancey House Restaurant and Gallery, Yanceyville, N.C. and at the Milton Studio Art Gallery, Milton, N.C.